The New Designs of Mayda Cisneros

Mayda Cisneros’ Fall Collection Reflects the Times

Ask Gables haute couture designer Mayda Cisneros how the pandemic has affected her business, and several disparate answers pop forth. The first is how it shut down all the special events, galas and weddings that normally propel her design studio, so much so that she had to send her staff home and close her atelier on Palermo Avenue. The second is how she pivoted to design for the new era, coming out with a new line that emphasizes comfort.

“I just rediscovered cotton again!” she says. “My first collection as a young designer in New York was made out of Liberty of London cotton, which is sustainable and feels great. With this current collection there is a contact with nature and an ‘old fashioned romanticism’ inspired touch.”

“I have found that Covid has impacted the community and the world in a way that everyone is more sensitive to the needs of those around us and have become so much more in touch with home and family,” says Cisneros. “Those private clients that have always been with us are still there and have turned to us to make them custom blouses, sportswear and beautiful cotton dresses for their new life.”

“Fashion is always with us and I feel like this pandemic has made major changes in our lives and will make us much more selective.”
Mayday Cisneros

While some local designers have turned to a “ready-to-wear” approach that eschews the haute couture that has vanished this fall, Cisneros remains dedicated to creating unique ensembles for her clients, working from a studio in her Gables home.

“Fashion is always with us and I feel like this pandemic has made major changes in our lives and will make us much more selective. The client will not just buy what is ‘off the rack’ but will want that special item, be it by the touch of the fabric or the uniqueness of the style,” she says. “There is a new meaning to the word luxury. It will be associated with comfort and unexpectedness. We will be able to wear glitter fabrics in the morning mixed with cotton tees and feel comfortable.”

Cisneros says her next fashion show, scheduled for January, will be a virtual one.

Mayda Cisernos
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