Fall Fashion

Fall is now upon is, and that means new lines from the world’s great fashion designers. Here in the City Beautiful, we are home to some of the top clothing designers in the country, women who devise and fabricate both individual haute couture for their Gables clients as well as full Fall lines. What follows is a sampling of their creative work for the autumnal season.

September 2019

Mayda Cisneros

305 Palermo Ave. 305.448.5848

“My 2019 collection centers around pleating and vivid colors. The collection is inspired by Fortuny, a Spanish fashion designer, artist and inventor. Together with his wife Henriette he invented a technique to pleat silk and created his famous ‘Delphos’ gown which was worn by Isadora Duncan… I am inspired by nature, by a flower, by a feeling. This is why traveling is so good – seeing different things, places, and people awakens new ideas…”

On The Cover – Aphrodite: Copper pleated lamé infinity dress

Price Range: $1,600 – $6,400

Assistant Designer: Angelique Salcedo; Fine Jewelry: CIC Fine Jewelry; Model: Danielle Yablonka; Hair & Makeup: Lety Plasencia; Photograph by: Michael Russell; Assistant Photographer: Mateo Ossa

Silvia Tcherassi

350 San Lorenzo Ave. #2140. 305.461.0009

“My Fall/Winter 2019-2020 collection is full of poetry, nostalgia and romanticism where my organic and geometric prints shine in a new range of deep colors and rich traditional fabrics. I was not looking for the perfect rhyme, instead I took a “poetic license” this season to create a new glamorous and sophisticated mood: Ruffles were transformed in rhythmical layers, translucent sequins are incorporated as subtle embellishments, jackets have a new couture–like silhouette, and my signature flowers appeared literally in new dimensions using feathers, fabric and lace… I design for a woman who loves fashion…”

Victoria Lopez-Castro

245 Catalonia Ave. 305.447.9975

“This collection is powerful and feminine. I wanted to bring back glamour and elegance by drawing inspiration from the ’50s and ’80s, and giving each piece movement and texture. As in architecture, interior design, or landscape, balance and proportion is the key… Inspiration comes in many forms and everything inspires me. It only takes one spectacular butterfly to spearhead the inspiration for a collection. I look at the dots, the stripes, and the coloring as a source of inspiration for an outfit. As I stare at the butterfly, I’m thinking what fabrics would work as prints or solids…”