Spanish Landing

The University of Salamanca Adds to the International Scene

June 2019

The press conference at the Biltmore was a subdued, elegant reception, with wines, cheeses, hams and other delicacies from central Spain. The topic: The arrival of the first U.S. outpost for the University of Salamanca, the oldest in Spain. With offices on Alhambra Circle, the university’s aim is to attract U.S. visitors and students to the venerable institution.

“We thought it was going to be a good fit, because the city has that Spanish ambiance in the architecture and the language,” says Hilda de la Vega, director of the school’s Spanish programs. “We had considered Brickell but it’s too jammed.”

De la Vega says the Gables station will disseminate information about study abroad programs at the university, including ones for high schoolers to spend several weeks earning college credits.

They also have seven-to-10-day summer camps for kids ages 10 to 13, with programs for parents who want to join them for a vacation /cultural experience.