Spanish Leaving

Altamira Libros Closes on Miracle Mile

By Doreen Hemlock

June 2019

The Spanish-language book store at 219 Miracle Mile has closed, but the Venezuelan couple behind Altamira Libros continues in business, selling books online. Altamira completed its three-year lease in March and opted not to renew at a rent level that already was high, says Susana Souki.

She and husband Carlos Alfredo opened the shop in 2016, offering a wide selection of Spanish-language tomes as well as talks with authors and other events. They’d chosen “safe and pleasant” Miracle Mile for their store partly because of foot traffic from office workers, moms who came after dropping off kids at school, and folks who strolled before and after dinner, says Susana. They viewed other booksellers nearby as a draw, too. But the rent proved a challenge – much as it did for restaurant Tarpon Bend, the 15-year-resident on Miracle Mile that closed in February before a lease renewal. The Soukis now sell books from “We haven’t thrown in the towel on books,” says Susana.“Who knows, maybe one day we’ll open another bookstore.”