Spanish Boots

Flamenco Dancing is Alive and Well on Saturday Nights

June 2018

By day it is a narrow restaurant with painted walls of dark orange, peacefully serving traditional tapas with a tilt toward the northwest region of Spain – which means more things like fried, whole anchovies or peppers stuffed with black squid rice. But on Saturday nights it’s raucous and packed with fans of flamenco. A small stage at the end of the restaurant lights up with (most recently) the trio Tres a Compáss, pounding (and clapping) out spirited, floor-stamping dance, along with high-spirited guitar and song that a Gypsy King would admire. Reservations are suggested for this slice of deepest España. And don’t forget to order the crunchy eggplant slices drizzled with honey. La Taberna Giralda, 254 Giralda Ave. 786.362.5677