Quick Sandwich Bites

Ever since the Earl of Sandwich put sliced beef between two pieces of bread during a card game in 1762, the sandwich has become a Western staple — portable, edible without utensils, and somehow deeply satisfying. These are among the best we’ve discovered in the city.

Here’s the Beef

Maybe it’s because they bake the bread there, so it’s artisanal and rich-tasting. Or maybe it’s the fresh tomatoes from local farms, or the handsome stack of medium-rare meat in the center. Who cares!

The roast beef sandwich at Madruga Bakery ($15) — where you can choose the bread — is the best you will ever consume. Is the secret the home-roasted meat, the rye or sourdough, or the garlic aioli and French mustard? Who cares! 

Madruga Bakery
1430 S. Dixie Hwy.

Custom Creations

La Sandwicherie’s sandwiches can all be customized to your liking, but our favorite version comes with the shop’s homemade chicken mix ($8.25). The one pictured here has pepper jack cheese, lettuce, hot peppers, and red onions on a baguette, but there are various toppings available, including tomatoes, black olives, cucumbers, green peppers, and cornichons.

Don’t forget to add La Sandwicherie’s signature vinaigrette, “The Magic Sauce,” which adds a little kick to any choice. 

La Sandwicherie
142 Giralda Ave.

Panini Pleasure

After grabbing a good book, why not dive right into it while enjoying a good bite? Luckily, you don’t have to go far on Aragon Avenue at The Café at Books & Books.

Their turkey panini ($16), a perfect balance of savory and sweet, deserves all the rave. The combination of turkey, brie, watercress, pear, and mango chutney makes every bite as refreshing as the courtyard’s breeze. Pro tip: add extra pear and chutney. 

The Café at Books & Books
265 Aragon Ave.

Cheese the Day!

It doesn’t get cheesier than this. Grilled Cheese Gallery’s “A Night in Amsterdam” sandwich ($9) comes packed with four different types of cheese (gouda, gruyere, Swiss, and cheddar) served on white or sourdough bread. Possibly the best traditional grilled cheese you’ll ever have, the Gallery’s take on the classic kid’s meal is quite literally dripping with cheese and comes with a saucer of tomato soup for dipping. For goudaness sake, you’d cheddar believe it! 

Grilled Cheese Gallery
1573 Sunset Dr.

Pork Delight


Most customers come to Vicky Bakery for a quick café con leche or cortadito, or maybe one of the Cuban sandwiches in the display case. What’s not out front — you must ask for it — is a Gables rarity: pan con lechón, or roast pork sandwich. It will take a few minutes, as they pull the pork and sauté it with onions, but the result is mouthwatering. Just get there before 2 pm when the kitchen closes. 

Vicky Bakery
2345 University Drive.