Quarantine Couture

The New Art of Mask Making

Never did any of us who are non-healthcare workers think we’d be seen in public wearing a medical face mask. But the coronavirus has us doing all kinds of crazy things – like hoarding toilet paper and wearing the same sweatpants every day of the week. But now that face coverings have become a mandatory fashion statement, they’re in high demand. So, several local fashion retailers are making washable, reusable masks. 

The bridal shop Atelier D’Ocon started making masks at the beginning of April. “I’m from Spain and I saw the situation in Spain and I definitely saw that it was going to happen here in Miami,” says founder and designer Maria D’Ocon.

For $12 plus shipping through their website, you can purchase a double layered, 100 percent cotton face mask that even has a pocket inside for a filter. They come in various fabric designs and sizes for both adults and children. Atelier D’Ocon is also doing bulk orders for restaurants, condominiums, and UPS. They are also, sending an extra mask to healthcare workers who place an order. 

“We stopped sewing bridal for now,” says D’Ocon. At first it was just the designer and her mom doing all the work, but the demand has allowed the store to keep one of their seamstresses employed.

Atelier D’Ocon is not alone in their efforts. Other local retailers making and selling masks include Ella Bella Rozio, Cocobella and Pepi Bertini.

Quarantine Couture