Brunch in the Time of Corona

Eating House Offers a Stellar Takeout Brunch Menu

One of the things the pandemic has us missing most is sipping mimosas on an early weekend afternoon at our favorite restaurants. To fill that void, Eating House is offering an all-day brunch menu available for takeout and delivery on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. It’s perfect if your sleep cycle is messed up from being at constantly at home every day, or if you need a little excitement to break up the quarantine boredom with breakfast for dinner. 

To give you the full bottomless brunch experience from the comfort of your dining room, Eating House has mimosa kits – 750 ML of prosecco and 32 oz. of tang – for $20. A welcome twist on the classic champagne and orange juice combo. 

While the takeout menu is limited, a number of items still caught our eye. The braised pork calentado is Cuban comfort food: sunny side up eggs over braised pork and congri (rice and black beans). Drizzle the chimichurri sauce on top for a burst of flavor. This protein-packed dish will not only fill you up, but you’ll also have leftovers for the next time you’re hungry (or bored).

Takeout Brunch
Braised Pork Calentado

We also got a side of tater tots because there are few things in this world that are better than breakfast potatoes in any form. The tots come with a side of Eating House’s homemade Coca-Cola ketchup, which is thicker, darker and tangier than a regular bottle of Heinz. 

For those who stray toward the sweet side of breakfast options, the Cap’n Crunch pancakes are the obvious choice. A stack of three pancakes is topped with candied cereal that will bring you back to the days of watching cartoons on Saturday morning. On the side is one small to-go container of condensed milk syrup and one of vanilla butter. The condensed milk syrup, which looks a lot like icing, seeps right into the fluffy short stack. Don’t worry, calories don’t count under quarantine. 

Takeout Brunch Cap'n Crunch pancake
Cap’n Crunch Pancakes

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