New Kid on the Block

Anthony Bourdain Would Have Loved It

March 2019

Most Gables diners are familiar with Thai food – the standard Pad Thai rice noodles, the red or green curry. Malakor Thai Isaan (90 Miracle Mile) is taking things a step further with “Asian Street Food.”

“It’s street food that people sell on the streets in Bangkok – pork skewer, noodles, sticky rice, very local food, very tasty for Thai people. We try to bring that culture here,” says manager Yotin Keeriang.

So, while you can find your Thai favorites at Malakor you’ll also find new dishes. Like laab num tok moo, grilled fatty pork neck sliced and tossed with lime juice, mint, cilantro and ground roasted rice. Or Gang Aom, a Northeastern Thai curry with fish sauce (no coconut milk), dill and Thai herb paste. “There are some strong tastes, but interesting,” says Keeriang. “American people aren’t used to it.” But they are loving it; barely a month old, Malakor is already a local favorite.