This Just In: Eat Pizza, Lose Weight

March 2019

Pizza is not your typical go-to food when it comes to dieting. That’s mostly because of the way that most pizzas are made, says Angelo Angiollieri, the new owner of Terre del Sapore (246 Giralda Avenue). “Our pizzas are a little different,” says Angiollieri. “We use natural yeast.” The result: the dough takes eight to ten hours to rise, rather than the usual two hours, so it’s more digestible.

They also use less processed flour (from Italy, of course), which has larger particles that are slower to absorb (no blood sugar spikes!) than finely-milled American flour. And then there is the style of their pizza. “Ours is a Neapolitan pizza, from the south of Italy,” says Angiollieri, which means more tomato sauce and cheese, captured in a raised crust.

As for the dieting claims, Angiollieri has lined the windows of the restaurant with copies of “The Pizza Diet,” by Pasquale Cozzolino, about how the author lost 100 pounds eating his favorite food. “I know him. I met him in New York. He had gotten fat from eating American food, so he went back to Italian pizza.” Sounds good to us.