Gopuff – Convenience 2.0

With the pandemic loss of the Navarro Pharmacy on Galiano and Miracle Mile, downtown Coral Gables no longer has a traditional convenience store – the place you pop into for things like cigarettes, cough drops, potato chips, diapers, and beer. About the closest equivalent is the Chevron station on Bird Road at 37th Avenue. 

Now comes Gopuff, a new kind of convenience store on Ponce de Leon boulevard next to Pascal’s, where Rey’s Cleaners used to sit. The idea, says landlord Bill Kerdyk, Jr., is to offer a hybrid retail experience, where you can buy in-store or order online for quick delivery. “It is, in my vision, the way to reinvent retail,” says Kerdyk, Jr. “To have a retail aspect and then to deliver out the back door.” Home drop-offs cost a $1.95 delivery fee, and supplies come from a series of mini-warehouses – including one in the back of the 5,000 square foot store on Ponce. 

Bill Kerdyk, Jr - Gopuff - Convenience 2.0
Bill Kerdyk, Jr. brought Gopuff to Coral Gables

So far, investors love the idea, which is quickly going national. The company, which launched in 2013, raised $1.15 billion earlier this year and the firm is now valued at $15 billion. Kerdyk, Jr. says he is not an investor in Gopuff, but liked the concept so much he sent an agent to convince them to come to the Gables. “I invested my money in fixing up the store,” he says. And who wouldn’t like to have a sixpack delivered for two bucks while watching a Dolphins’ game? 


2619 Ponce de Leon Blvd.