Art Movement 

There’s a good reason that Venezuela-born art connoisseur Ninoska Huerta named her new gallery on Miracle Mile “Art in Motion.” That phrase defines her. 

Since her childhood days roller-skating instead of walking, Huerta has been on the move, coming up with creative ideas, executing quickly, and changing course as circumstances vary. Her new gallery is a pop-up, opened last October in an empty storefront and now leased in short increments from the city. The accord builds on deep ties with Coral Gables that included her bringing Venezuela’s renowned Carlos Cruz-Diez to transform street crossings with bright patterns in 2017.

A Gables resident for nearly 20 years, Huerta graduated in interior design in Venezuela and studied art in Paris. She returned to Caracas to run a private gallery and later, a state company-linked art space. But a change in Venezuela’s government closed that space, prompting her to move to Florida. She’d been mostly promoting Venezuelan artists at fairs when an opportunity arose to lease a space on Aragon Avenue. She debuted her first pop-up gallery there in 2018 – for nine months, often showing kinetic, geometric and abstract work that appeared in motion. 

Art Movement by Ninoska Huerta
Ninoska Huerta – Owner of Art in Motion

After Covid shuttered fairs last year, Huerta saw the chance to rent a vacant storefront on Miracle Mile. “My friends say I move fast,” says Huerta, who uses Facebook, Instagram, email, and other media to promote projects. “I’m always looking for new alternatives.” 

Art in Motion 

290 Miracle Mile