Custom Candle Creations

Candle making is one of those artisanal crafts that harkens back to the days of the early settlers, when tallow (animal fat) and whale oil were used to dip wicks. Today’s use of wax is, thankfully, a far cry from those odiferous times.

You’ll learn this firsthand at Candle Land, a unique candle making store on Giralda Plaza that doubles as a hotspot for date nights and birthday parties. With bright pink walls, buoyant background beats, and the smell of intermingling fragrances, Candle Land walks you through the hour-long process of crafting a candle.

It begins with choosing your candle holder. With dozens of colors ranging from white chrome to matte black, you can find your preferred aesthetic easily. Next comes picking your fragrance – you can choose from options like fresh & clean, woody & spicy, fruity, floral, and seasonal scents, the latter of which are typically the most popular. “Sugar Plum” and “Pumpkin Pie,” for example, have been top contenders this holiday season, says store associate Greisi Monzon.

Most candle makers stick to one scent, but you have the option of mixing it up to create your own custom fragrance. Monzon said she’s seen every sort of combination, from the seemingly conflicting pairing of “Lemon Cake” and “Apple Spice,” to more conventional blends like sandalwood and teakwood. “It’s always an experiment,” she says. “I love seeing how creative people get with fragrances and designs.”

Next comes the actual custom candle creations, a step-by-step process that will make you feel like a self-sufficient pioneer. After 24 hours (needed for the fragrance to settle into the wax), it’s time to light up the night. 

Candle Land

154 Giralda Ave.