Alexis Lauren Collective – The Ultra-Luxe Beauty Destination

The Latest Place to Improve Your Skin Has Arrived, Apparently From a Streamlined Future

The art of minimalistic grandeur was not lost upon husband-and-wife duo Dr. Michael and Alexis Renda when creating Coral Gables’ first ultra-luxe self-care sanctuary, Alexis Lauren Collective, which opened in November. From the curvature of the walls to the curation of the menu – which consists of five bespoke treatments – every defining detail seems selected to echo the mantra, “Less is more.”

Alexis Lauren collective is Coral Gables' newest beauty destination.
Husband-and-wife Team Dr. Michael and Alexis Renda.

“We believe in eliminating the paradox of choice for our clients by not overwhelming them with a myriad of services and products,” says Alexis Renda.

Partnering with science-backed brands SkinBetter Science, isClinical, and Biologique Recherche, every service at the high-end wellness space is tailored to custom-fit the needs of each client.

Stepping into the membership-based beauty destination myself, I immediately felt I’d been transported to a white-walled version of Arizona’s famed Antelope Canyon. The interior is bare and undecorated except for a few shelves lined with beauty products, blending into the concave swells of walls designed to mimic stone. Strings of lights at the base of the walls illuminate a winding hallway of white doors that lead to the treatment rooms, the contents of which seem almost secret.

Inside one of these stark rooms, I was given a moment alone to change into a plush robe and settle myself under the sheet before the aesthetician returned to ask me questions regarding my skin and take a deeper look under the light.

Alexis Lauren Collective - The Ultra-Luxe Beauty Destination
Alexis Lauren Collective - The Ultra-Luxe Beauty Destination
The minimalistic interiors with concealed lighting evoke a serene plush setting.

After a weekend of “forgetting” to take my makeup off before bed, I was fully aware that my skin was not in tip-top shape. My skin tone was uneven. My keratosis pilaris, a skin condition characterized by tiny bumps and rough patches, was acting up. My eyes were plagued by dark circles. Luckily, this is exactly what the Alexis Lauren personnel are trained for.

My aesthetician selected a personalized combination of products which were methodically pressed and massaged into my skin in an upward motion. According to Alexis, this application technique is used for “deeper penetration and to encourage lymphatic drainage.” To clear any congestion that remained hidden beneath the skin barrier, I also opted for extractions, which consists of pressing and squeezing to remove excess buildup of debris, makeup, etc.

Next came the mask portion. Typically the most boring part of any facial is waiting while the solutions sink in. This time, it was complemented by a décolleté massage (shoulders and neck) followed by a face massage using chilled cryo globes, which reduce redness and puffiness. After removing the mask, I was treated to a curated cocktail of lotions and serums designed to specifically target my skin’s imperfections.

I left the Collective with the most vibrant, clear, and glowing skin I’ve possibly ever had, wishing I could afford the $300 monthly membership, which includes one monthly facial, 20 percent off smoothing treatments, and 10 percent off all other services. Despite the high price, however, I’ve not entirely written the place off. I’ve already started saving for my next service, which is also available a la carte.

Alexis Lauren Collective

4203 Ponce De Leon, Unit 110