Don’t Stick to Your Roots 

Madison Reed Teaches You How to Avoid the Grey, Conveniently. 

If you pass by the new Madison Reed shop in Merrick Park, you can see hairstylists working on the tousled heads of clients. But this is not your ordinary salon. Here, the customers can get color treatments or learn to do it themselves. 

As any woman who has graying hair will tell you, it can be expensive and difficult to keep up with color care. Fortunately, Madison Reed’s idea is to make it more convenient for women on the go to maintain their hair color in a quick and economically friendly way. They offer salon treatments, during which they teach you how to upkeep your own hair at home with uniquely designed kits they sell in-store. 

Color Treatments - Madison Reed Shop.

Madison Reed specializes in root maintenance, which you can get as a salon treatment for $65. If you sign up for Unlimited Roots Membership, you pay $60 a month and get, well, unlimited root touch-ups – either in the salon or with a do-it-yourself kit that’s sent to your home. Their top seller is the Roots & Gloss kit, which comes with a detailed instruction manual and helps refresh hair by enhancing color and shine while removing brassiness. 

The most recent addition to their salon treatment is a high- lights service, which they offer for $135 at the salon or for just $35 if you buy their take-home Light Works Kit.