Amy Zakarin & Lisa Ross

President and Founder of ZComm; President and Founder, RBB Communications

April 2019

Lisa Ross (right) is the founding president of Coral Gables-based RBB Communications. With clients such as FPL, Hilton, DHL Express, Codina Partners and Jackson Health Systems, and with 90+ employees, the 18-year-old firm is the largest public relations agency in Florida. Amy Zakarin is the founding president of ZComm, also 18 years old. With clients such as The Related Group, Artefacto, Perry Ellis and Mana Contemporary, it has been one of Greater Miami’s top boutique PR firms in the luxury market.

Latest Achievement

Longtime friends Ross and Zakarin recently joined forces via the acquisition of ZComm by RBB Communications, following several conversations in which they decided that joining forces would enhance the power of each firm.

What Each Says

Ross: “The communications field in general tends to be female dominated, and while recognizing that gender doesn’t matter when it comes to talent, I’ve been lucky enough to have had several female mentors and partners… is just strengthens our bench.” As for being based in Coral Gables, “It’s been lucky for us. It’s always been recognized as an upscale, quality location, recognized and appreciated by our regional clients.”

Zakarin: “What’s exciting for me is to be able to bounce ideas around with someone who thinks differently from me; that’s where opportunities for new engagement occur. Otherwise you get stale. Now I am surrounded by people with different experiences and different expertise. I am seeing things differently than I would have a year ago. It’s like a career reboot. I have been rebooted.”