Sophia Molina

Sophomore, New World School of the Arts

April 2019

When Sophia Molina heard an orchestra of violins playing at the age of four, she knew she had to play herself. After months of begging her parents for a violin of her own, they finally caved, and the rest is history. Attending St. Theresa Catholic School for elementary and middle school, the Coral Gables resident now attends The New World School of the Arts, where she devotes her afternoons to perfecting the violin, going between orchestra and chamber classes and private lessons. Involved in MyCM, a youth chamber music organization, Molina has performed in concerts at the Coral Gables Museum and the Marriot Hotel in Coral Gables. She aspires to be a soloist.

Latest Achievement

Named as one of 100 students nationwide to participate in the National Youth Orchestra of the United States, a group of student musicians ages 16 – 19, sponsored by Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute.

What She Says

“It was crazy… I wasn’t expecting to actually make it,” the 16-year-old says about being accepted into the highly competitive program. Of all the applicants from the state of Florida, only eight made the cut, two hailing from Miami. The entire orchestra is composed of a little over 100 students and travels to different places each year to perform. In July, Molina will embark for England, Germany and the Netherlands. “We stay in New York and perform in Carnegie Hall and rehearse there and then we fly to Europe and we do tours,” she says.

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  • April 23, 2019 at 12:07 am

    Excelente! Felicitaciones a sus padres, excelentes personas, y para ella todo el éxito que ha tenido y q desde ya se vislumbra será grande mundialmente! Congrats!!!

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