Where the College Crowd Chows Down

Cheap Eats Around the University of Miami

By Lizzie Wilcox

October 2018

Going to college in Coral Gables is, well, expensive. Between tuition, rent and bottomless appetites, it adds up. Whether you’re sick of the UM dining hall or didn’t have time to go to Publix while juggling exams, papers, presentations and, of course, tailgates, you don’t want a meal that breaks the bank. Luckily, restaurant owners realize that college students are balling on a budget and strategically located themselves around campus. 


Convenient for the ‘Canes who don’t have cars on campus, this burger chain is walking distance from the freshman dorms. There is even a mushroom burger for your roommate who wants to give the whole vegetarian thing a try now that she’s not eating her mother’s cooking every night. The walk back is enjoyable – and needed – when you feel bloated from all the cheese fries. The Shack Burgers are also to die for ($5.69 for a single, $8.49 for a double) but won’t kill your allowance. 1450 S. Dixie Hwy. 


A pizza joint so good even the swarms of New Yorkers who attend UM can shut up about being excited to go home and have a real slice of pizza. Right past the Mark Light Field on Ponce, MBP is everything you could ever want out of a pizza place: quick, cheap and delicious. Prices vary based on size of the pie and toppings, but a 14-inch cheese pizza pie goes for $14.50. Mama mia! 5833 Ponce de Leon Blvd. 


A mix of a diner and deli, students get a big bang for their buck right across from campus. For starters, their standard omelet is made with four eggs.  It comes with a side of fruit or potatoes (and the obvious choice here is potatoes) AND a choice of toast or a bagel. Isn’t a bagel a meal in itself? Allot yourself plenty of time to devour the large portions and clear your calendar for the rest of the day so you can lay on your couch – or futon – until the food baby goes away. Whether you’re hangry or hungover, Bagel Empo is always a good idea. $9.99 for a four-egg cheese omelet with all the fix-ins. 1238 S. Dixie Hwy. 


For students willing to journey a little farther off campus, there’s a poke place with tons of options. A small bowl goes for $8.50, and while a large bowl or a burrito costs $11.50, it comes with complimentary miso soup. Base options include rice, quinoa and salad, and protein ranges from tuna to octopus to salmon to shrimp. You can then add on unlimited garnishes like cilantro, edamame, ginger and pineapple or choose to splurge for avocado, cream cheese or a seaweed salad for $1 extra. Apoke is located beneath the Red Road Commons, which is essentially an off-campus dorm. 6620 SW 57 Ave.  


Failed an exam? Go to Friday’s. Homesick? Go to Friday’s. Need a bigger TV to cheer on the ‘Canes than the one in your dorm? Go to Friday’s. It’s the perfect combination of comfort food and game day food. There’s no amount of stress, whether academically-induced or FSU-induced, that soft pretzels dipped in warm queso with bacon can’t fix. It also won’t break the bank. Friday’s All-In special features an appetizer, an entrée and a dessert starting at $10. 1200 S. Dixie Hwy.