Want Exotic Meats? Go to US 1 

Wild Fork – Where the Wild Things Are 

The first impression you get walking into Wild Fork on US 1 is somewhere between a science fiction movie and the city morgue. Inside one large room are rows of freezers, each with a glass cover that can be rolled back to inspect and remove what’s inside. 

What’s inside are all things frozen solid. Mostly meats of every variety – chicken, pork, beef, turkey, etc. – along with frozen vegetables. Clarence Birdseye would be proud. He was the founder of the eponymous food company that espoused flash-freezing as a way to keep things fresh, a method he learned from the Inuits in Northern Canada. 

Birdseye did not freeze meat, however, and that is the specialty here. But not only do they offer frozen meat at competitive prices ($12.98 a pound for USDA prime beef !) they also offer slices of animals not found on the farm – starting with whole rabbits, bison, and venison (deer meat). But that’s just the beginning. How about ground wild boar, elk medallions, or alligator tenderloin? Our favorites (in terms of the bizarre) are the ground ostrich and ground yak. 

Many dietary pundits will tell you that wild animals, as opposed to those grown in captivity, are much healthier for you. So, we tried some ground elk for burgers. Not bad for a wild beast. And they will deliver for an annual fee of $29, so you won’t have to go hunting among the forest of freezers. Wild Fork, 1180 S. Dixie Hwy. 833.300.9453