The Hungry Post Launches a Program to Help Local Restaurants

FeedTheChain Fund Aids Restaurants and Gives Back to the Community 

In an effort to save the restaurant industry while helping those in need, The Hungry Post, a Miami-based online platform for restaurant recommendations, launched their #FeedTheChain initiative. How it works is The Hungry Post receives donations through a GoFundMe page they set up, money they use to buy $10 meals from restaurants to feed those who need them. The GoFundMe page description says, “Every dollar raised through this social initiative will be used to help keep restaurants operational and simultaneously feed health care providers, those that have been laid off, kids in need and others during these troubling times.”

When #FeedTheChain started in March, restaurants were struggling to stay open with a takeout-and-delivery-only model. “We felt that if we were helping the restaurants, we were helping the staff, the purveyors, the delivery drivers and it would be a trickle-down effect,” says Andrea Becerra, managing editor of The Hungry Post.

Here in the Gables, Coyo Taco was one of the restaurants that participated in the program. “It’s about raising money and then putting money back into the community by buying meals from us,” says Scott Linquist, chef partner/owner of Coyo Taco. “It basically helps everyone in the whole chain.” For $10, they provided their taco kits, which feed up to four people, complete with pollo al carbon, a dozen tortillas, salsa, guacamole and everything needed to make a taco. “We want to give as much as we can to these people that are struggling right now,” Linquist says. Eating House has also been a part of #FeedTheChain, providing their pasta kits that include enough pasta, salad and dessert to feed a family of four. “We want to give them good food, we want it to be healthy, we want it to be hearty, what we would eat,” says Becerra. This month, Caja Caliente is a participant in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.

#FeedTheChain has received a $5,000 grant from the Miami-Dade County Community Resilience Prize and a $5,000 donation from g.l.o.w., a California-based nonprofit. Most of the donations have come from The Hungry Post’s Instagram followers. “It’s just amazing to see how people have very strong connections with restaurants in Miami,” says Becerra.

Their goal is to reach $100,000. At the time of publication, they were at $24,000. Restaurants that are interested in participating, and can produce full meals for less than $10, should contact The Hungry Post at info@ If you’d like to donate to the #FeedTheChain initiative, go to feed-the-chain.