The Green Mile

April 2018

In the late 1940s, you could stand in the middle of Miracle Mile and view emblematic Coral Gables landmarks such as the Miracle Theatre and Coral Gables City Hall. Today, the theater hides behind the branches of leafy live oaks and a new row of date palms along the Mile’s new median. Want a better view of the whole area? Park your car at the top of the garage at 220 Aragon Avenue, then peek over the rooftop’s southern edge.  

Miracle Mile in 1949. Photo courtesy of City of Coral Gables Historical Resources and Cultural Arts Department
Miracle Mile in 2018. Photo by Odalis Garcia

IN 1949

  • George Orwell’s 1984 is published
  • Soviet Union tests its first atomic bomb
  • RCA debuts first television broadcast in color
  • The Berlin Blockade officially comes to an end
  • CBS premieres The Goldbergs, TV’s first sitcom