The Colonnade

June 2018

In November of 1926, the magnificent Colonnade building on Miracle Mile was completed by famed architect Phineas Paist. Now the Hotel Colonnade, the building was originally designed as a sales center for Coral Gables, and became the center of the shopping district. Since then it has housed a pilot training facility, a movie studio and a World War II parachute factory. This image comes from the early 1940s. 

The Colonnade in 1940
The Colonnade in 2018

In 1940 

  • World War II was underway in Europe 
  • The movies Citizen Kane and Dumbo were filmed 
  • Hemingway published For Whom the Bell Tolls 
  • Franklin Roosevelt was president 
  • Campbells Tomato Soup cost 25 cents for 3 cans