Street Seats

The idea was a godsend at the time: When Covid hit, and diners were avoiding indoor spaces like the plague (literally), the city permitted restaurants to extend seating to the street outside. The results varied, from the simple to the luxurious, but restaurants across the city took advantage by putting tables in the parking spaces out front, blocking them off from the street with everything from planters to Bob’s Barricades. With the pandemic receding, many have been removed. Here is our sampling of the remaining street cafés. Take advantage and visit, because these temporary arrangements, as of press time, were scheduled to be removed by June 1. 


One of the loveliest street cafés is The Garden at Zucca, inspired by a similar setting in New York City. Rather than just expand into the street, flooring was extended at sidewalk level, wrapped by a low wooden wall and an overhead tin roof, all decorated with (albeit artificial) vines and white roses. Add dangling lights for nighttime and you have a magical setting. 162 Alcazar Ave. /

Chandler’s Place 

Chandlers at Alhambra just off Ponce has long been a great place for deli sandwiches to go. When the chance came to put in some umbrellas and tables, protected by planters, Chandler’s took advantage, turning their humble mom-and-pop sandwich shop into a shady café that wouldn’t be out of place on a streetside somewhere in Paris. 166 Alhambra Circle. /

Bulla Gastrobar 

Street Seats

Taking up a larger portion of Andalusia than its neighbors, Bulla benefited from offering extra outdoor options which have proven popular amongst diners. Protected by large steel planters, it’s a prime people-watching spot as passersby come to and from Ponce along Andalusia. Enjoy your tapas and sangria facing Bulla’s Mediterranean-style building, imagining you’re dining on a street in Madrid. 2500 Ponce de Leon Blvd. /


Befitting its station as one of the most elegant restaurants in the city, the street seats for Fiola are protected by sumptuous white tents that shelter diners from wind, rain, and passing cars. With Astroturf underfoot, paper lanterns overhead, and potted palms by your side, you’ll forget you’re eating over parking spaces. The tents also contain air conditioning, fans, and outdoor heaters that set a romantic mood with their flames. 1500 San Ignacio Ave. /

Punto Criollo 

Street Seats

The next-door neighbor of Chocolate Fashion on Andalusia Ave, Punto Criollo made the most of the small space they had to work with. The addition of Astroturf under the tables, and wooden walls that double as planters for vibrant red flowers, create an adorable space for breakfast or lunch Venezuelan style. 262 Andalusia Ave. /

Chocolate Fashion 

Street Seats

Chocolate Fashion already had a couple of tables along their storefront, so outdoor expansion was a natural. Shielded from traffic by large potted plants and generously shaded by umbrellas, diners can enjoy a morning cappuccino or a lunchtime Croque Madame along the side of the street in this appropriately French café – but with the perks of Miami weather. 248 Andalusia Ave. /