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Suffering from Too Much Masking? Mint Wellness Center Can Fix That, and Lots More

If you think that all skin can be treated the same way, think again. Tucked between Pepi Bertini and Veneta Cucine on Miracle Mile, Mint Wellness Center offers an array of spa treatments, but their skin treatments extend much further than your average facial. Founded by medical aesthetician Paula Christiansen, Mint Wellness Center bases their procedures on each patient’s individual skin composition. 

Upon entering the wellness center, I was given a number of options from corporal mesotherapy to lymphatic drainage. After dealing with maskne (acne that you get from constantly wearing a pandemic-protecting mask) since last March, I opted for a facial treatment. To determine which procedure would be best for my skin, Christiansen used a skin analyzer that measured the age of my skin by taking into account pore size, wrinkles, dark spots, and hydration levels. 

Mint Wellness Center
Mint Wellness Center

The machine determined that I had the skin of a 25-year-old. As a 24-year-old, I can’t complain. Where the focus may be on wrinkles for older patients, the problem for my skin was pores (too large) and hydration (too dry). Christiansen explained that pores open in heat and close in the cold. This is problem
atic in Miami where we walk around outside and then enter an air-conditioned building; everything that entered the pores while outside is immediately trapped in the skin once the pores close. 

During the consultation, Christiansen applied a variety of nutrients and products to my face, including collagen, which reduces wrinkles and dryness. She decided that the best treatment to reduce the size of my pores would be microneedling. She also recommended products so that I could improve my skin on my own in the meantime. 

Medical aesthetician Paula Christiansen - Skincare at Mint Wellness Center.
Medical aesthetician Paula Christiansen, owner of Mint Wellness Center.

I returned a week later for the first session. First, Christiansen cleaned and exfoliated my face. She then began microneedling, which uses tiny needles to prick the skin and generate new collagen and skin tissue. It sounds a lot worse than it is; it really doesn’t hurt at all. The only after-effect is feeling like you have a mild sunburn, and Christiansen recommends wearing sunscreen the following day. 

After the micro-needling, she applied a hydrating face mask (not the Covid kind!), and then set up LED lighting around my head for 20 minutes; LED light therapy has many benefits, like treating acne, stimulating collagen and regulating oil production. My skin already looked better after the first session, and I returned for a second two weeks later.

Mint Wellness Center is planning to relocate to a larger space soon – to accommodate more clients – so check that out when you call to schedule an appointment. 

Mint Wellness Center

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