Sheldon Cooper Would Hang Here

Korka Comics Brings Quirk

April 2019

You might pass by the tiny strip mall just south of Havana Harry’s on Le Jeune if you didn’t notice the sign for Korka Comics, which has been up for just three months. But if you are one of that strange breed of comic collectors, like the science nerds from TV’s Big Bang Theory, you would pull right over.

Inside are hundreds of comic books, from the latest Supergirl, Flash, Spiderman and Catwoman for $3 to $4 each (new ones arrive each Wednesday) to rare editions of X-Men and e Fantastic Four that sell for $120 to $130 each. “I started collecting comic books with I was about 16,” says store manager Richard Tarrau. “I’ve now got about 30,000.” The store’s biggest sellers today, however, are not comics but its vast array of Funko Pops, small fat-headed dolls of everything from Star Wars figures to Disney characters to the action heroes from the pages of Korka’s comic books. “This is the rage now, and every age group is collecting them. Some rare ones can be worth thousands,” says Tarrau. Thankfully, most still retail for $9.99.