Toga Party – Raising Money for Scholarships

Time to Come Down From Mount Olympus and Join the Party for a Good Cause 

Each year the Coral Gables Community Foundation holds a fundraising ball to raise money for student scholarships. Last year, thanks to Covid, the French-themed event was held in the homes of supporters, connected via Zoom. This year will be a home-bound reprise. The theme: A Greek Odyssey, based on the idea that Coral Gables is the cradle of civilization for Miami. Participants will dress as toga-garbed citizens of the Republic, along with assorted Gods, Goddesses and Warriors. 

“Last year’s at-home dining experience set the precedent for how non-profits can successfully pivot during a pandemic. We safely and successfully raised nearly $500,000,” says Sissy De Maria Koehne, who has chaired the annual fundraiser for the past seven years. 

In addition to dining in Mediterranean style at the finest homes and gardens in the city – or at Greek restaurant Sea Grill Merrick Park – guests will honor a pantheon of local leaders for their “Herculean deeds” to make Coral Gables a better place to live. The event takes place Oct. 23rd starting at 7 pm. Tables range from $3,500 to $8,000. To become a host, contact Foundation CEO Mary Snow at 305.446.9670 or