Quick Bites in Coral Gables

Big Shrimp 

 creamy shrimp chowder

Peruvian food is famous for its ceviche, but anyone familiar with the cuisine knows it is far more extensive, especially with its seafood. At Aromas del Peru (1930 Ponce de Leon Blvd.), you can discover the full parade of Peruvian dishes, including a creamy shrimp chowder (Chupe de Camarones, $19) with corn, egg, fresh cheese, a hint of whole milk, and black mint. Muy Bueno

Low Cal Salmon 

Quick Bites in Coral Gables

Who says good eating has to involve massive amounts of calories? At Seasons 52 (321 Miracle Mile), no menu item runs more than 600 calories; most are in the low 500s. And the taste is just as good as heftier calorie counts. Their tasty dish of sesame-grilled salmon ($20) comes in at just 510 calories, about a quarter of the daily recommended adult intake. 

Bachour Breakfast 

breakfast all day

The pastry-mad folks at Bachour (2020 Salzedo St.) did not invent the concept of breakfast all day. But we are happy they have embraced the practice, because no one does a better eggs benedict. You can go for the standard version ($17) or up the ante with salmon instead of Canadian bacon ($20). Either way, they do a perfect 6-minute egg. And good eggs, too. 

Still the Beef 

Before it was reborn as Public Square, the corner restaurant at Red Road and San Ignacio Avenue had been a Shula’s steakhouse. While the menu has expanded to include an array of sushi rolls, salads, and seafood choices, it still rings the bell with its 20-ounce ribeye steak ($56). Nice choice of six sauces as well (truffle butter, bearnaise, green pepper, etc.) 

Belly of the Beast 

Quick Bites in Coral Gables

Historically speaking, some of the world’s best cuisine has been created by third-world street vendors who make use of less popular cuts of meat. In the case of Thailand, one of our favorites is Pad Chicharrons Gra-Pao ($16), crispy pork belly stir-fried with fresh chili paste, red bell peppers, onion, garlic, and basil. Now you can try it at Khaosan Road (157 Giralda Plaza)