Punch it Out!

Among the New Wave of Street-Level Gyms in the Gables is One That Also Lets You Take Out Your Frustration

As an avid runner and someone who lives for the adrenaline rush of a workout, I can say I’ve never had a better endorphin high than both during and after my session at Brooklyn Fitboxing. Part-workout, part-anger management, in one 47-minute high intensity boxing class, you burn nearly 1,000 calories. You also get to pound a boxing bag. Finally, a workout you can look forward to.  

The class is fit (no pun intended) for anyone, from a rookie to a former boxer who didn’t want to get hit in the head anymore. If you’ve never boxed before, like me, the instructor will go over the different names and techniques for each type of punch: Hook, cut, jab, dodge, etc. The first class comes with a pair of gloves and wraps to keep. Trust us, you’ll use them more than once, as you’ll be hooked on this workout (pun intended). They’ll also properly wrap your wrists and knuckles to avoid injury. It turns out that it’s crucial to have your wrists wrapped tightly enough to avoid “flexion” when punching, which means not letting them bend. 

As the only newbie in the class, I was afraid I would mess up; the man next to me somewhat jokingly asked me not to kick him. But somewhere during the first round, my inner cheerleader came out and I picked up the movements faster than a homecoming pep rally routine. In between rounds of boxing, you work on other muscle groups with burpees, crab walks and planks.  

The punching bag has sensors inside that detect your power. At the end of the class, everyone’s individual scores are displayed on the board. One hundred percent power equals 1,000 calories burned. It’s nearly humanly impossible to put in 100 percent power for the entire class, but even if you put in 80 percent, you’re still burning 800 calories. It may seem like a lot of energy, but it helps if you envision the bag as your former best friend who is now dating your ex! 

The gym offers both monthly subscriptions and class packages. Monthly membership varies depending on how many classes you do per week. One class per week costs $89 monthly; two classes per week costs $129 monthly; three classes per week (12 per month) costs $169. If you can’t make it each week, you can opt to buy per session, or in increments of 5, 10 and 20 classes, which you can spread out over any length of time.  

Brooklyn Fitboxing 

2615 Ponce de Leon Blvd.