Ponce Looking North

November 2018

In this shot of Ponce De Leon Boulevard looking north across Miracle Mile in 1925, you can see the rotunda of the Colonnade Building still under construction in the upper left. Also of note is the northbound electric trolley on its track, with overhead electric wires. The trolley arrived in the Gables in 1924; by 1926 the new Pullman cars could reach downtown Miami in 15 minutes. The trolleys ceased operating after the hurricane of November 4, 1935. Today’s motorized fleet of trolleys returned to Coral Gables in 2003. 

Ponce de Leon Blvd. in 1925
Ponce de Leon Blvd. in 2018
IN 1925
  • The first “lightbulb” is created in Edison’s labs 
  • World population crosses 2 billion 
  • Charlie Chaplin stars in the movie “The Gold Rush” 
  • First U.S. woman governor elected (Nellie Ross, Wyoming) 
  • Mussolini becomes dictator of Italy