Ponce and Miracle Mile, 1952

March 2019

The Intersection of Ponce de Leon Blvd and Miracle Mile in 1952 (looking here toward the southwest corner) had come under the influence of urban designers who wanted to give it a sleek, clean, modern look to compete with places like Lincoln Road Mall. Today, the roofs and window awnings have been retrofitted with red tiles in keeping with the Mediterranean image the city has come to embrace.

The intersection of Ponce and Miracle Mile in 1952. Photo courtesy of City of Coral Gables Historical Resources & Cultural Arts Department
The intersection of Ponce and Miracle Mile in 2019. Photo by Lizzie Wilcox

IN 1952

  • The average price for a new car is $1,700
  • Elizabeth the II becomes the Queen of England
  • Albert Schweitzer wins the Nobel Peace Prize
  • The first hydrogen bomb is detonated
  • The first Mr. Potato Head is sold