On Your Bike…

The Biltmore Adds A Spin Studio

The largest pool in the state of Florida, a Five Diamond-rated restaurant
and a newly renovated golf course, the Biltmore doesn’t do anything subpar. That standard of quality doesn’t falter when it comes to their fitness center. Aside from rows of state-of the-art equipment overlooking the pool deck, the fitness center also offers a packed schedule of workout classes.

In December, the hotel added a spin studio and offers cycling classes seven days a week. We took a class with Philip, who is also the center’s Fitness Director. In true Miami fashion, Latin music is played throughout the class. He might even get off the bike, dripping as much sweat as the rest of the class, and give a mini salsa performance. His 50-minute class is high energy and even higher intensity. It’s also BYOS – bring your own shoes. Unlike studios that are solely spin-focused, the Biltmore doesn’t have bike shoes that clip you into the pedals. The dedicated spinners have a pair of their own, but sneakers are welcome as well. The bikes have four screens that can tell you how far and long you’ve ridden, calories burned, rotations per minute (RPMs), resistance level, etc. For the competitive ones, the two screens behind Philip shows the RPMs and resistance level on each bike in a colored circle. If you’re really working hard, the color will change from yellow to red.

If that doesn’t motivate you, maybe the man who rode five miles before the class will: He rode 10 miles with the rest of the class, and then kept on riding afterwards, determined to reach 20 miles.

Maybe he’s crazy, or maybe he’s training for the Biltmore’s 20-mile challenge on June 15. Since Global Wellness Day is on Sat., June 8, the Biltmore is celebrating wellness every day in June with special workout classes. For the group cycle on the 15, participants can pre-register at the fitness center front desk. The challenge is $20 per person and the winners will receive class prizes. The following Saturday is host to a more relaxing celebration of wellness with a family yoga class at 11 a.m.

Members of the Biltmore’s fitness center have access to over 100 weekly fitness classes, a steam room and sauna, a fresh juice and smoothie bar, and access to the hotel’s renowned swimming pool. To become a member, call 305.913.3102 or email info@theclubatthebiltmore.com.