Lift Off at The Lash Lounge

The Next Level “Natural Look” at the Lash Lounge

At The Plaza Coral Gables, you’ll find a slew of beauty and wellness options, from a state-of-the-art facial bar to the latest trendy Pilates studio. The newest addition to the list, however, focuses on enhancing one’s natural beauty — the kind that radiates through your eyes. With that in mind, I visited The Lash Lounge in hopes of achieving the “no makeup” look with their luxurious lash and brow styling services.

Walking into the second-floor location, I was greeted with a glass of champagne — a welcome surprise that helped settle my first-time nerves. Lash lifts and brow laminations had always piqued my interest (I am of the mentality that less is more when it comes to beauty), yet I never got around to committing.

But with a busy social schedule coming up, I decided to take a leap of faith and placed my trust in the hands of Tamara, my lash stylist. After our initial consultation, she reassured me that the change would be subtle yet noticeable.

I lay down on the bed, listening to soothing lo-fi covers of popular songs as Tamara began cleaning my eyelashes and eyebrows. After preparing the eyelid and under eye areas, she started sculpting a custom curl that complimented my natural lash shape.

For those looking for a more dramatic look, The Lash Lounge stylists also specializes in lash extensions, lash fills, and microblading.

The lash lift, similar to a perm, consists of using a soft silicone rod to create a lifted curl, which is then set in place with industry-renowned products. Tamara recommended adding a tint to darken my lashes and bring out my green pupils, giving the illusion of mascara. The full process took about an hour, with timed breaks for both the lift and tint to set in.

To complete the look, I had to get my rebellious eyebrows in check. I opted for a more subtle brow lamination, one that would keep the hairs perfectly in place without over-lifting them into the fully brushed up shape (trendy, but not for me). My sensitive skin reacted slightly to the chemical solution, but the redness faded within a few minutes.

For a final touch, Tamara cleaned up the brows with some light threading and plucking, removing any leftover hairs. Within an hour, my unruly eyebrows had been tamed. Glancing into the mirror at the final results, I was in awe of how polished my features appeared. Nowadays, facial filters on social media apps give the illusion of slick brows and fluttery eyelashes, but here I was flaunting both in real life for the next six to eight weeks.

Aside from conditioning my lashes with castor oil during my nighttime skincare routine, I haven’t had to put much thought into the upkeep. Three weeks in and the effects have softened into what I consider the ideal look. Goodbye makeup, hello au naturel!

The Lash Lounge
3005 Ponce De Leon Suite #241