Maker of Crêpes (and Smoothies)

How Stephanie Cheung Launched Her Dream in the Gables

How about this for an unlikely scenario: A young woman of Chinese heritage who was raised in Indonesia moves to New York, works in the diamond industry for 10 years, then chucks it all in to move to South Florida, where she starts a French crêpe eatery in Coral Gables that also serves smoothies.

That is the trajectory of Stephanie Cheung, whose eponymous Stephanie’s Crêpes on Galiano Street just south of Miracle Mile has garnished a loyal clientele for her inventive and tasty take on the traditional French treat – and with breakfast, lunch and dinner fare.

Yes, crêpes for all three meals, ranging from scrambled organic eggs and bacon, to salad crêpes, to vegetarian crêpes like brie-apple-walnut. “The most popular are the salad crêpes, like chicken teriyaki and sweet and spicy chicken Thai – though our egg crêpes are becoming more popular now that people are realizing we are doing them,” says the energetic and ebullient Cheung. And then, of course, there are the sweet dessert crêpes that most people think of when you mention the word.

Stephanie’s Crêpes are served as open wraps that look like ice cream cones, as if you’re getting them from a street vendor in Paris. Perfect for if you’re on-the-go, and easy for parents whose kids drag them to the eatery for their selection of crêpes and smoothies.

Stephanie’s Crêpes

The shop itself, which now has a handful tables out front, feels like a country store in Vermont, with wooden paneled walls and wooden flooring. Appropriately, there is a glass jar of chocolate matcha cookies for sale on the counter. 

Cheung says she first thought of opening a food shop in Brickell, but found herself going to restaurants in the Gables on weekends. “I fell in love with how beautiful and clean it was here. It really feels like there are a lot of families now with young children, so there is a big sense of community.” Cheung says that community of loyal customers kept her in business through the pandemic, via an intense takeout business that got busy late at night (they stay open until midnight). “They continued to support us, even with COVID.”

So, if a gluten-free strawberry-walnut-goat cheese crêpe sounds tempting, now you know where to go. The crêpes range in price from $8 to $11.50. 

Stephanie’s Crêpes
2423 Galiano St.