Escape Into the Prints at Camilla

Camilla’s Boutique at The Shops is a Parade of Color

The holiday season has taken over at the Shops at Merrick Park, with the usual towering Christmas tree, winter photo backdrops, and … a circus? Passing by Australian fashion brand Camilla, your eyes are immediately drawn to the sensory overload of prints and colors, from the mystical elephant display upfront to the endless sea of bold printed silks. If the eccentric designs seem familiar, you’ve probably seen pieces worn by celebrities, including Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez, not to mention the brand’s regular appearances on “The White Lotus.”

Camilla’s prime first-floor location is across the courtyard from luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton and between the mall’s anchoring department stores, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, both of which sold a limited selection of Camilla pieces. The brand’s outperformance there made the Shops an ideal location for their third U.S. store.

Camilla Boutique

Fashion designer Camilla Franks combines stories from her travels with imaginative escapism to create innovative limited-edition collections. There are a variety of themes here, from Italian-inspired mosaics of vibrant flora and fauna to more neutral Mediterranean designs. All the pieces embody a bohemian-meets-vintage-Versace vibe, an in-your-face yet artistic style perfect for Miami.

Prints are hand-drawn and painted by in-house artists, pieces are cut and sewn by hand, and each embellishment is precisely placed to finish the look. Yet this luxury fashion brand provides quality and flair without having to spend as much as at neighboring stores. Whether it’s a go-to beach look or the ultimate hosting outfit, dress to impress with Camilla.

Camilla at the Shops at Merrick Park
320 San Lorenzo Ave. Suite #1223