Entrepreneurism is Part of the Gables Ecosystem

The Intersection of Passion, Ideas, and Expertise 

The spirit of entrepreneurism is alive and well in The City Beautiful and in this latest issue of Coral Gables Magazine you will read about some of the exciting companies that have embraced this ethos.

This is not a new phenomenon for our Coral Gables community; it is just that we have done a better job of shining a spotlight on these success stories over time, some dating back more than 60 years. Think about a venerable company like Arthur Murray – the acclaimed dance studio whose singular mission is to improve people’s lives through dance. This business began in Miami Beach in the late 1930s with the opening of its original studio by revered ballroom dancer and American entrepreneur Arthur Murray.

For the past 60 years, Arthur Murray International has been headquartered on Ponce de Leon, home to its training center as well. With more than 270 locations around the globe today, people come to learn salsa or the tango, or choreograph their highly anticipated wedding day disco.

Most might not think of a company like Arthur Murray as part of the local entrepreneurial landscape, but it fits the bill perfectly; in many ways it helped set thestage for other pioneers in their respective fields to take risks, follow their dreams and shoot for the stars, especially here in South Florida.

Fast forward more than half a century, and entrepreneurs continue to strive for a Coral Gables address as a marker of prestige and success. Many of our outstanding shared workspaces help incubate these companies from the very beginning as they go from start-up to scale-up. These open-format offices not only encourage greater collaboration; they also reduce the barriers to entry for brilliant ideas not quite ready for prime time.

Layer upon that network resources like Gables-based eMerge and Endeavor, and you have a potent mix for an entrepreneurial ecosystem. This is not unique to Coral Gables, but I would suggest it is more successful here because of the support system of other companies just steps away who also desire to grow their foot- print. Contemplate the bankers, law offices, CPAs, professional service firms, and other engaged partners who stand ready to lift these ideas and help turn them into reality.

That is our competitive advantage in the Gables as a community, and one that we are proud to offer entrepreneurs who want to leave the kitchen table and throw open the doors to even greater opportunities for their growing business models.

Not all entrepreneurs will end up like Arthur Murray, who, along with his wife, relentlessly pursued both his passion and expertise. That unique intersection is where success lies and heralds how their truly American story is one of lore.

Ideas abound every single day in our community from business leaders just like Mr. Murray, so why can’t we fan the flames of entrepreneurism with our own spirit and passion? The opportunity is there – it just needs to be grasped and relentlessly pursued.