Human Recommended, Dog Approved!

A Quick Guide to Goods for Fido

Higher Dishes

Dog Approved dishes

Food dishes are an essential, and elevated ones are recommended for larger breeds to avoid bending their necks down. Elle is a five-year-old Poodle mix rescue who loves to drink, so she always has extra water reserves with the added tank. I also recommend trays and mats to protect our hardwood floors.

Dog Tags

Dog Approved tags

IDs are a must on your dog, using tags and now microchips. Long-lasting, deep engraved, waterproof, double sided silicone tags can be personalized and ordered online by manufacturers such as Love Your Pets. Added bonus: You will not hear any jiggling against your updated metal County-issued rabies tag. Metal tags tend to scratch off; daily wear reduces legibility. Make sure to use a key ring style (not an S-shaped) metal clasp that will stay where you want it: on your dog.

Staying Hydrated

Dogs need to be well hydrated, especially in our South Florida heat. Bring their water supply and dish with you all in one. Teddy, a five-year-old Vizsla adopted from Tampa Bay Vizsla Club Rescue, enjoyed this PupFlask by Tuff Pupper. The water bottle is stainless steel, leak proof, and has a large food grade silicone cup.

Proper Leashing

Walking in Coral Gables at night can leave you feeling left in the dark. Reflective dog leashes and harnesses are a great safety measure for cars – or to find an escaped hound at night. Harnesses are preferable than collars for dog walking or restraint, reducing neck pulling and not destroying your dog’s trachea. Proper canine IDs should always be visible. Here, Elle models her harness (with ID, of course).

Sleepy Time

Time for bed! Teddy forewent his bean bag bed, preferring a higher view from the couch on a slipcover for pets to keep furniture hair – and footprint – free. Elle selected the grey sleigh bed, while Buddy, our smallest, the five-year-old Yorkie, entirely forgot his donut bed, heading instead for the extra large orthopedic bed and his favorite crocodile toy.


Dog Approved treats

Yes, please. Dogsters’ ice cream style treats may be found in the freezer section at your local Publix. Sneak in healthy treats like Pet Honesty’s Advanced Hip and Joint chewables for healthy skin, mobility, and normal inflammatory response. Some of our favorite long-lasting treats include Nature Gnaws’ Beef Trachea and Natural Farm Bully Stick Springs. For training, small bites can do, but I find that dollar menu cheeseburger bites often work best.