City Introduces Rewards Program

Resorcity Rewards Customers for Shopping and Dining Locally

The idea of creating customer loyalty through a rewards program is nothing new. Airlines and hotels have been doing this for years, and what pizza place doesn’t offer you a card where, after 10 visits, you get a free pie?

Now comes Resorcity, a local rewards program designed by Coral Gables entrepreneur Tony Newell that will soon go national – but only after being tested here. Initially deployed in September with the support of the business community, the pass is now accepted by 60 local merchants. Each business that joins the network grants users 10 points when they buy anything. Those points can later be redeemed – for example, for a free hamburger at Clutch Burger for 50 points. Other retailers will grant a discount just for showing the app: The Globe, for example, will grant 15 percent off your bill on Saturday jazz nights.

“It is an incentive and reward platform for aspects of good citizenship,” says Newell. “It fosters civic engagement, community service and local loyalty.” The one caveat is that it doesn’t work online. “The points are really about getting foot traffic in the door,” says Newell. You can download the Resorcity app for free and set up an account at

Rewards Program