Cheryl Andrews & Holly Zawyer

Executive VP, Coral Gables Managing Director (Respectively) for Zapwater Communications

July/August 2019

Cheryl Andrews (left) launched her travel public relations firm, Cheryl Andrews Marketing & Communications, three decades ago in Coral Gables. Since then she has become known as the “Queen of the Caribbean,” representing numerous clients in the islands and on the Caribbean coasts of Central America and Mexico. Holly Zawyer joined the firm in 2004, quickly becoming Andrews’ right hand.

Latest Achievement

In May of this year, the firm was acquired by Chicago-based Zapwater Communications, which will continue to use Coral Gables as one of its principal offices, with Andrews continuing as executive vice president and Zawyer as managing director. In June, Andrews was selected by the Jamaica Tourist Board and the Caribbean Tourism Organization to receive the prestigious Marcella Martinez Award for outstanding public relations for the Caribbean.

What They Say

“I started by working in advertising for Burdines and Jordan Marsh [Florida department stores now departed]. They were lovely but I had a windowless room and wanted to work in the sunshine. And we have managed both to get, and to give, a little sunshine,” says Andrews. As for Zawyer, “What I love about travel public relations is the people, who go into the [travel] industry to create wonderful memories for their guests. And that bubbles over.” As for Zapwater, she says, “What attracted us was their similar PR DNA, and that’s made it a seamless transition. Plus, they bring us real resources, especially in analytics, to customize our campaigns.”