Brunch at Caja Caliente

Weekend at Mika’s 

Sunday and brunch go hand in hand. But Sunday brunch is turning into weekend brunch, with restaurants offering the menu on Saturday as well. One of those restaurants is Caja Caliente, owned by Mika Leon, who puts a Cuban twist on traditional breakfast dishes. 

Since they were named the Best Taco in Florida for their lechon taco, we had to give the breakfast taco a try. Scrambled eggs, bacon, queso frito, avocado and an herb aioli are all stuffed inside of a tortilla. Following Caja Caliente’s “one you’re satisfied, two you’re full” rule of thumb, we ordered two. 

Brunch at Caja Caliente
The Si Me Parece breakfast sandwich.

Another menu item that caught our eye was the Si Me Parece sandwich, above. If you like bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches, you have to try this. It’s made with a fried egg, bacon, a block of queso frito, tomato, red onion, and aioli in between an everything brioche bun. After managing to unhinge our jaw, it was probably the best breakfast sandwich we’ve ever had. Plus, it held us over until dinnertime. Caja even puts a Cuban spin on breakfast potatoes, serving instead a side of yucca home fries. 

They also have sweet dishes like Mika’s Disco Volador Pancakes: Guava pancakes filled with whipped cream cheese and topped with condensed milk and a homemade guava reduction. Inspired by Chef Mika’s grandfather, Abuelo’s French Toast dipped in a café con Leche mix, coated with Frosted Flakes and drizzled with a homemade cream cheese syrup. 

Almost as good as the food are the prices. The most expensive item on the menu are the pancakes, Si Me Parece sandwich, French toast, and arroz con pollo, each for $16. The least expensive is the breakfast taco for $8 (another reason we ordered two). 

Brunch also goes hand in hand with mimosas, which is why Caja Caliente offers bottomless for $20 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekends. Or, just wash everything down with a strong yet sweet café con Leche. 

Caja Caliente

808 Ponce de Leon