Brewery Coming to Coral Gables

Alhambra Circle Gets Another Boost

The commercial stretch of Alhambra Circle that cuts through downtown has been getting a few new tenants lately, including the new headquarters for the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce, and the Forum, a new, state-of-the-art shared workspace.

Now comes Nick Sharp, proprietor of Threefold Cafe and Someone’s Son restaurants, with a new brewery. Set to open late this month, Bay 13 Brewery and Kitchen will offer Gableites local craft beer, brewed on premise. “We’ll probably start with eight to 12 beers, but we can brew up to 21 varieties,” says Sharp. “The main focus for the kitchen will be small plates that can be shared, 12 to 14 designed to pair with the beers.”

The new brewery-eatery will have 120 seats inside (pared to half that for COVID) and 80 seats outside, and will also serve wine from Sharp’s native Australia.

Bay 13 gets its name from a section of the Melbourne Cricket Stadium in Sharp’s hometown, a seating area that “was a fun place for young guys to go and drink beer and watch cricket all day,” he says. Sharp promises not to show cricket on the sports screens at his new pub, which he says “takes baseball to a whole other level of boring.” The beer will be anything but, with special batches produced by head brewer Greg Berbusse and guest brewers.

Brewery Coming to Coral Gables
Owner Nick Sharp with state-of-the-art stainless steel beer vats