Bliss Store – Remember Paper?

At Bliss, an Old-Fashioned Reminder 

You can buy other gifts here, like drink coasters that resemble tiny LPs, or beach bags, or miniature “radios” that blast music via your blue-tooth hookup. But the reason to visit Bliss is for the paper. 

Returning to the Gables after a multi-year hiatus, proprietors Marilyn and Eddy Martinez focus on the old- world notion that people enjoy receiving invitations and thank-you notes they can touch. “Our number one thing is stationery and invitations,” says Eddy, such as a beautifully inscribed invite to a wedding, or a card with a personal message written by hand – as distinct from a digital holiday card or any other digital evanescence. Officially opened last month, the Bliss store on Miracle Mile is a charming throwback to an earlier era when paper mattered. With a room full of printing devices, cutters, thermography machines, etc., in the back, the Martinez’s can produce custom designed invitations or custom stationery, along with marketing materials for retailers. 

Bliss Store - Remember Paper?
Proprietors Marilyn and Eddy Martinez recently reopened Bliss on Miracle Mile to sell Stationery and Invitations and More.

Bliss had been on the Mile 1996 to 2006, when the couple left the street to become whole-salers. Now they are back in the business of retail, with the added element of an online component. “You can’t just have a store now,” says Marilyn. But you can still sell seals for sealing wax, so your clients’ invitations can look like they were sent from a more elegant time. 

Bliss Imprints & Gifts

293 Miracle Mile
Call 305.661.2030