A Star for SHINGO?

Finally, a Gables Restaurant in the Running

In 1926, the Michelin Guide (published by the Michelin tire company to encourage more tourists to go on the road) began to list what it considered the finest restaurants in the world. It also began to award stars to the best of the best, a symbol of excellence that chefs and restaurateurs around the world vied for.

However, whereas Coral Gables has nine restaurants in the Guide (Bachour, Beauty & The Butcher, Fiola, Havana Harry’s, Lion & The Rambler, Luca Osteria, Tinta y Café, Shingo, and Zitz Sum), none have won the coveted star. That may soon change.

Located in the historic La Palma building is SHINGO, the brainchild of already Michelin-starred Chef Shingo Akikuni, who received the honor while working at the Japanese fine-dining experience Hiden in Wynwood. Under his direction, Hiden joined the ranks of the first restaurants to receive a star in Miami. Now SHINGO, which opened last year, is on the short list of eateries that could receive a Michelin star at the annual Florida Michelin Guide’s award ceremony in Tampa on April 18.

To receive such distinction, restaurants must: use quality products, master flavor and cooking techniques, showcase the personality of the chef in the cuisine, provide value for cost, and maintain consistency. With every element of SHINGO carefully curated, from the pristine presentation of the 14-seat table to the presentation of each course, Akikuni creates an omakase experience that immerses you in Japanese culture — making SHINGO worthy of Coral Gables’ first Michelin star.

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UPDATE: SHINGO received a Michelin star at the Florida Michelin Guide’s award ceremony on April 18.