The Official Guide to Doing Business

The Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce’s OFFICIAL GUIDE TO DOING BUSINESS, THE CITY BEAUTIFUL magazine is a comprehensive showcase of all local business resources. Featuring WORLD-CLASS DESIGN AND CONTENT by CORAL GABLES MAGAZINE, the magazine is distributed to the 20K+ HOUSEHOLDS in the city as well as to numerous hotels and local businesses. Most importantly, THE CITY BEAUTIFUL will also be distributed by the city’s ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT to all new businesses and government agencies interested in Coral Gables.

Find it on-the-go: The MOBILE-OPTIMIZED DIGITAL EDITION is also available on a DEDICATED WEB PAGE on both the Coral Gables Chamber and Coral Gables Magazine websites. With thoughtfully crafted SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS, monthly EBLASTS, informative PRESS RELEASES and TARGETED DISTRIBUTION, your message will get the kind of intelligently curated exposure that only an award-winning media company and an award-winning chamber of commerce can provide. 

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…and there’s more

For the first time, businesses that wish to establish themselves in The City Beautiful – from entrepreneurs to professionals to corporations – will have a complete guide to the regulations, resources, players and procedures. Editorial will include:

A Guide to the Permitting Process
• The rules, regulations and timelines • Key personnel • Review boards
A Guide to the Smart City Resources
• Mobile apps for doing business • City marketing resources
• Online business resources and key personnel
A Guide to Shared Work Spaces
• Location and pricing • Corporate cultures
A Guide to Commercial Real Estate
• Where the Prime A properties are location/future projects
• The principal real estate firms
A Guide to Financial Services
• Commercial Banks: Size, focus, personnel, location
• Private Wealth Managers: Size, focus, personnel, location
A Guide to Gables Multinationals
• A Who’s Who of Multinational HQs • Key personnel
A Guide to Consulates and Trade Offices
• Locations of Consulates and Trade Offices • Key personnel
A Guide to the City’s Corporate Landscape
• The largest companies in Coral Gables/CEOs
• Breakdown of the business composition in the city
A Guide to Relocation and New Arrivals
• Housing • Employee transportation • Hospitals • Schools
• Residential real estate
A Guide to NGOs in the City
• The Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce
• The Downtown Business Improvement District (BID)
• Coral Gables Community Foundation
A Guide to Onging Business Education
• UM School of Business • Kellogg School of Management
A Guide to Resources for Entrepreneurs
• Endeavor Miami for business scaleups
• UM Medical and business incubators

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