Miami Alkaline Water: An Urban Oasis

By now we’ve all gotten used to the idea that if you want quality drinking water, you buy it at a supermarket. But picking up bottles of spring water at Publix is one thing. Having an entire store devoted to selling just water is another. 

That is the proposition at Miami Alkaline Water on Miracle Mile. There you can buy it by the can, the multi-liter bottle, or the cooler-sized jug. This is no ordinary water, however, which is the value proposition. Their water is ionized to pump up its alkaline content. 

Why is this important? From your high school science class, you may recall something called PH balance. It measures how acidic or alkaline any liquid is. Vinegar is highly acidic, for example, whereas milk of magnesia is highly alkaline (which is why it calms your acidic stomach). According to some health researchers, the best thing for our bodies is a balanced PH. But alas, we are generally too acidic, thanks in part to unhealthy acidic foods like bacon and sodas (fruits and veggies, contrariwise, are alkaline). 

Miami Alkaline Water, an urban oasis
Alkaline Water to Take Home

Which brings us back to the store. For a few dollars you can buy yourself a 2-liter bottle of cold alkaline water. If it gets to be your thing, you can bring in a 5-gallon water cooler and have it filled for between $1 and $3 a gallon, depending on how alkaline you want it (they also infuse minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium). Their premier brand is called Power of Youth. 

“After about a month you will feel better, with more energy and better hydration,” says Paula Silveira, a senior consultant at the store. “You will also really taste the difference.” Drink up! 

Miami Alkaline Water

68 Miracle Mile