Where The Kids Are

Trend Boutique Fills a Critical Fashion Niche for Pre- and Young Teens – and Their Moms

If you haven’t been to Trend Boutique, situated strategically next to that Coral Gables institution, Chocolate Fashion, you must pop in. It can be a one-stop shopping experience for the busy mom with kids in tow. Trend features clothing for the often neglected “tween” and young teenager market, as well as offering options for mom. It can be a lifesaver: a small boutique where you can shop for the family and enjoy a very personal experience with owner Ana Mari Fuertes. 

Fuertes opened Trend in 2016, and I believe it will be a mainstay in Coral Gables because she has created a boutique that caters to a forgotten niche – and knows what she is doing. Fuertes was born and raised in Puerto Rico, schooled at Boston College in business and then at UM in art and photography. She learned how to envision, create and then market a business, opening two women’s stores in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic after graduating UM. But it wasn’t until she became a mom of two girls that she set her sights on a new venture. 

Trend Boutique Owner
Owner Ana Mari Fuertes

“Every time the girls needed clothes I would have the hardest time shopping for them,” says Fuertes. “I thought to myself, ‘Why don’t I just open a boutique where girls could find trendy, unique and age-appropriate clothing and accessories at affordable prices?’” And so, Trend was born. She decided on Coral Gables because, “It’s a city in constant growth with a great sense of community involvement.” 

Trend caters to the female tween and young teenager, with a bit of young boys mixed in, offering affordable brands in apparel, accessories, and shoes. They have a little of everything to complete outfits for their clientele, mom included. Some of their more popular brands for the younger set include Vintage Havana, Mayoral, Rails and Habitual. For adult sizes, they carry JOA, Moon River, Two Sisters, Hudson, AG, Pistola and BlankNYC. Prices range from $18 to $130, and they receive new merchandise every week. 

“Trendsetters, as we call our clients, are all those girls and women who are looking to express their individuality through fashion,” says Fuertes. “They want to be trendy and comfortable at the same time.” So, calling all trendsetters: You can look forward to a lot of animal prints, camo and sparkles for this fall at Trend, where the attention is one-on-one, without the hard sell. 

Kim Rodriguez is a Personal Stylist and Shopper whose clients include many Coral Gables residents. Krpersonalstyle.com 

* Photos by Lizzie Wilcox // Styles modeled by Georgia Walter