The Joy of Shopping

Joie, Well Into its Second Year in Coral Gables, Offers Modern, Attainable Style

By Kim Rodriguez

September 2018

Joie, pronounced like “joie de vivre,” is one of the most sought-after contemporary lifestyle brands in the market today. In Florida, there are just two stores dedicated to the brand, and one of them is here, tucked away in the Shops at Merrick Park (the other, since you asked, is in Boca Raton). Here, the women of Coral Gables can shop the entire collection rather than a small, edited assortment sold in department stores and boutiques scattered throughout Miami. 

320 San Lorenzo Ave. Suite 1215

Although the Gables store will soon be celebrating its two-year anniversary, it remains somewhat of a surprise when women first walk in. It’s located next to the now defunct Tourneau and Calypso stores, and finds itself in a kind of pass-through corridor to the restaurants rather than on one of the main shopping thoroughfares. But, once discovered, this global brand is a welcome addition to local shopping options. As a personal stylist, it’s one of my favorite “go to” shops, and I’ve loved this women’s brand since its inception in 2001. 

The Joie woman is worldly and contemporary, and the brand represents to her attainable luxury, elegance and femininity. It’s a way of dressing that is modern and stylish yet timeless. “The Coral Gables area sees both a mix of a classically chic local woman and a worldly international traveler, and that’s the perfect combination of customers for Joie,” declares the company literature. 

When entering the store, you are immediately drawn into a relaxing, comfortable, feminine setting, which beautifully showcases each of the collections. It is such a pretty space that you find yourself lingering, moving through each vignette effortlessly as you journey through the season’s inspiration. Women will enjoy three fall deliveries this year, each with a specific story and idea, some of which have already hit the racks. Look forward to menswear prints and suiting, retro florals, feminine dresses, scarf blouses, leather, romantic ’80s inspired sleeves, military and camo references, and modern varsity. The Joie woman can do her one-stop fall shopping here if so inclined, or come away with a collection piece that will easily pair with her staples at home. A visit here won’t disappoint.