The French Connection

June 2018

Call it an exercise in international relations. Last month Coral Gables photographer Alice Goldhagen held a special exhibition of her work at Sant’ana restaurant in St. Laurent du Var on the French Riviera. “I like to have interesting venues,” says the lifetime Gables resident, who recently wrapped up a year-long show at the Coral Gables Museum entitled Coral Gables/Mediterranean Dreams. Goldhagen says she wanted to illustrate “how Coral Gables had been influenced by Italy and France.” Her show in France was put together by the editor of French culture magazine La Strada, Michel Sajn, who thought the images would act as a “bridge between the U.S. and France.” Coral Gables does have a sister city in France, Aix-en-Provence, about 100 miles away (photo of its flower market above, from her museum show).