Tap Into Sunday Funday

Brunch at Tap 42: Beyond a Bloody Mary

March 2019

Sunday brunch at Tap 42 is much more than its bottomless mimosas; it’s a block party. There’s a line to get into the Giralda Avenue location a mere five minutes after it opens at 11 a.m. The mimosas and Funky Buddha beer starts flowing as the DJ spins popular hits. After an hour, the champagne starts to kick in, the music gets louder and even more people crowd the bar.

There must be something in the water because nearly everyone gets up from their booths to bust a move. If not the water, then it’s definitely the breakfast shot – Jameson and Buttershots chased with orange juice and bacon, like drinking pancakes with syrup. You know they mean business about day drinking when they have a separate menu for brunch cocktails. Even the bartenders won’t hesitate to do a shot with you.

You’ll definitely want to employ the food menu to absorb the alcohol, and from appetizers to entrees, there is no bad choice. One of the stars shown above: Hand-cut fresh salmon served atop guacamole and a rice patty, drizzled with eel sauce, sriracha aioli and cilantro, a light way to get the metabolism going.

Spicy Salmon Tostones

Brunch was invented to cure hangovers, so it’s only appropriate that the menu includes a Hangover Sandwich: Sunnyside-up eggs, smashed avocado, hash browns, white cheddar, bacon and truffle aioli in a toasted brioche bun, it’s a bacon, egg and cheese taken to new heights. An ode to the owner’s hometown, the Chicago Style Steak & Eggs is also recommended, paired with creamy garlic spinach and hash browns.

A long list of salivating entrees and enough drink options to quench a thirsty army, Tap 42 is a can’t-miss for your Sunday blackout, er, Sunday brunch. You’ll go to work Monday morning saying, “I’m never drinking again,” but by Monday afternoon you’ll be making a reservation for next Sunday.

–– Lizzie Wilcox