Spy World: Surveillance Anyone?

At Spy World, You Can Become Your Own Intelligence Agent 

If you’ve seen “Wolf of Wall Street,” then you must remember that unfortunate scene for Margot Robbie involving a nanny cam disguised as a teddy bear’s eye. But as high-tech as that may have seemed, these kinds of cameras are not hard to get – especially if you shop at Spy World on Miracle Mile. 

Owner Steven Gonzalez has been in the business of sophisticated security and counter-intelligence products for 37 years, starting up his store on Miracle Mile in 1993. When asked why he decided to open a shop for hidden cameras, pepper sprays, and tiny Bluetooth devices, he simply says “For fun!” Luckily, the fun he’s had at Spy World has been successful as well. 

Spy World Owner Steven Gonzalez points to a Surveillance shirt button.
Owner Steven Gonzalez points to a micro-sized camera disguised as a shirt button.

At the shop, you can buy everything from tracking devices to pens with invisible ink to hairbrushes with hidden chambers – not to mention sunglasses with rear-view mirrors. The top sellers, however, are their tiny hidden cameras – which can be disguised as screws or buttons – and can be installed in any item of your choosing. “Visible cameras are a defense,” says Gonzalez. “But hidden cameras are security.” 

Gonzalez says the top customers for these hidden eyes are lawyers, typically to accumulate evidence. “In one particular case involving insurance fraud an attorney came to Spy World to purchase a hidden camera, which he had placed on a towel to hang on a treadmill at a gym,” says Gonzalez. “Sure enough, the accused was caught lifting all sorts of weights after claiming he was injured.” Case closed! 

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