A Crack in a Snap!

In which we got our full body aligned in a jiffy at SnapCrack

In the 21st century, having back problems is inevitable, regardless of age. We all live hunched over our electronics, tapping away as our posture slowly but surely slips (guilty as charged). After struggling with neck tension and lower back pain, it was time for me to venture into the world of chiropractic care.

With the bustling life of someone in their mid-20s, I needed somewhere I could pop in and out during a lunch break or after work. Enter SnapCrack, a chiropractic and vitamin infusion establishment located just off Miracle Mile. On a weekday afternoon I strolled by between errands and decided to finally do something about my aches and pains. Walk-in friendly, I was done with my intake and lying face down in less than five minutes.

Admittedly, there is something unsettling about trusting a stranger with your vertebrae. But I was put at ease by the handheld massager that made its way down my back. The chiropractic assistant could instantly tell I worked on a computer, with the amount of tension lodged between my shoulder blades. His recommendation? A series of back stretches periodically over the course of the workday. Noted.

Once my muscles were relaxed, the chiropractor analyzed my spine, asking questions about my posture and muscle tenderness. I mentioned my frequent lower back pain, and sure enough, I had a slight leg length discrepancy caused by hip misalignment. We then jumped into business, starting off with the neck. I tried to remind myself that chiropractors are musculoskeletal experts, but before I could finish hyping myself up, I heard the initial crack in the back of my head. Despite the name, it wasn’t the result of a bone cracking or snapping — it was simply gas leaving the joint capsule. A few more movements to each side, and it felt like my head was placed correctly on my shoulders.

Aside from chiropractic care, SnapCrack also offers a wide menu of IV infusions and vitamin injections.

The more intense movements came when adjusting the body. I took a large breath and exhaled completely, which is when the chiropractor applied a thrust of pressure along my back. Crack. Crack. Crack — and my spine was aligned.

For the lower body, the true bane of my existence, I laid on each side with one leg slightly bent over the other as the chiropractor used his bodyweight to align my hips. If this sounds a little too intense or personal, there’s the option of “the click.” Here, the chiropractor uses a handheld tool at a very low thrust level along different points of the vertebrae. Instead of the full crack, it results in a gentle click.

The alignment took about five minutes, followed by another brief massage and some cooling cream.Tenderness afterwards is normal, and I was told to soothe it for the next day or two with a couple of 15-minute ice pack sessions.

With an initial session price of $29, I perused SnapCrack’s lengthy menu of services including vitamin injections and IV infusion cocktails that target a variety of health concerns. Feeling a bit low on energy, I tried the Vitamin B12 intramuscular shot ($15 for members; $39 for nonmembers).

I walked out feeling refreshed and centered. After a few days, I convinced myself that these preventive measures were a necessity — securing my chiropractic membership ($59 a month for six visits) and potentially a shot or two when needed. Who knows, I might even get an IV next time! 

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95 Andalusia Ave
Open Mon. to Fri. 12 to 8 pm (closes briefly for 30 minutes at 3 pm) and Sat. 10 am to 3 pm (closed Sundays)